How to Find New Content Ideas?

It’s a term frequently asked and misunderstood. The concept of content strategy is actually very different than what is commonly believed. The goal of content strategy is to create and deliver valuable content to the audience that is most relevant to your audience or to a segment of your audience. In short, content strategy is an internal campaign focused on creating sense and relevance for your content or website rather than building on other content that exists outside of your business. Think of it like a completely separate product you want to sell. Your content and marketing strategy must align in a way to help get people to find your business and find you. When this is done correctly, your business goal will coincide perfectly with your content strategy, and you will achieve both.

Check Reddit Discussions

What is the most active one? What is the newest one? By knowing every subreddit and the questions people are asking there, you can grow a solid base of information eliminating any doubt you get when deciding which content are the best to go forward with. In fact, after this validation, Reddit is almost universally viewed as a place where people share great content, which typically makes it the most popular type of content. In other words, you gain a hands-on understanding for which kind of content performs better with the Reddit audience.

Get Inspiration from Quora

Quora has almost 300 million monthly active users, and for those interested in giving it a try, it’s also one of the easiest content marketing platforms to get started. Go to the page for your niche, and you will see the number of comments at the top of the page. One of the easiest ways to use Quora is using it to find online resources that you can personalize with relevant content or add an image to complete your profile. You can also use it to curate content and find answers to your questions. Not only broaden your horizons with interesting content ideas and resources but your reach will also increase with the variety of content that you find.

What about Social Media: Comments and Questions?

Analyze the comments posted on those influencers’ profiles across several platforms. Look at the people asking questions, and check their status updates, announced events, and follow them.

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