Digital Marketing and Customer Success

That could be a useful way to analyze customer success (CS) to identify what you should focus on. It could also serve to change your persona regularly to make sure you have a new awareness of what you should be doing to be successful. These personas might have different goals depending on the customer model you use. The objective is to help get the customer more involvement in the business. It goes beyond merely talking to customers as such it is not so much talking to customers as it is listening and then acting. And in many marketing verticals listening and acting is the way to go in more than customer focus. Customer success marketing focuses on ensuring that you are able to deliver the best product or service to at least some of your target audiences all the time.

One of the best ways you can guarantee you won’t miss out on a customer opportunity is by using a true data and research approach based on your goals, target customers, and behaviors. Customer success marketing is now part of the brand, and customer success and CS are the brand’s mission. The customer is the determining factor of customer success.

Link Customer Success and Marketing Teams

Customer success marketing should become part of a larger business strategy. Establishing and growing relationships with your customers at every touch point. Developing meaningful, lasting customer relationships that will help you build a lifetime customer of value. Marketing to help grow the customer experience and customer engagement is one thing. Implementing it and scale might be more important. This is called a “day at the office”. Day at the office needs to be an overarching focus for the company to be successful on all fronts. The biggest reason why is because the focus for a lot of companies is on building a bigger brand and building the reputation. This helps them with their day at the office activities. Like a customer development meeting and product showcase. Some businesses even hold customer development meetings outside of the office. They have teams that meet regularly to plan things like event invitations and presentations. While most of these meetings do not result in a huge impact on sales, it is another way to ensure your business is regularly talking to the right customers. So, it is very important to have a business-wide purpose for meetings.

The relationship between marketing and customer success probably plays a central role in this triangle. It does in any other relationship in any organization. The “relationship” between marketing and customer success might be more tightly linked than other commercially relevant relationship as it is here in marketing and in its broader definition. This is also true for customer and customer success interactions. Customer success and marketing have different views of the same customer journey, which is part of what marketing and sales should be working toward.

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