AI can Transform your Digital Marketing

If your organization has used Artificial Intelligence or machine learning in any capacity, the question then becomes which content will a machine learning algorithm provide you? It becomes paramount to get handy recommendations for every part of your content marketing strategy. The best results are tied back to human judgment, and thus are inherently unpredictable.

Using machine learning for digital marketing can be a good idea. However, if machine learning is applied to a narrower scope of problem setting, for example, to create features that are more tailored to your audience and help solve specific challenges, machine learning should be more amenable to a “balance of ideas” to extend the life of the product. Yes, machine learning is versatile. You can use it to automate email addresses for you. Yes it is a fundamental part of today’s deep email marketing workflow, and in some cases machine learning can be applied to content marketing. Machine learning is more a tool to help you do what we, as humans, call “finding what needs to be done”. As digital marketers, you can use machine learning for research, decisions, data entry, analysis and content creation.

Can AI compliment Content Marketing?

This kind of content brainstorming takes AI to areas that human editors don’t normally go is incredibly useful. No matter what the type of content, AI can edit significant amounts of content, learn and generate new unique content. You will need to provide, at least, basic information such as pages URLs, hashtags, or feed with related content. AI will understand what you’re trying to achieve.
AI systems not only understand question with a machine-like level of accuracy, but also have capabilities into determining what information is relevantly useful. As AI is focused on answering simple questions without making assumptions, it can create content that is relevant, engaging, scientific, and empowering. AI can not only get content into the hands of more people, but it also helps businesses. AI systems have already been used by brands including Twilio and Uber to track sales and provide intelligently produced, highly-engaging content.

Artificial Intelligence, by running statistical simulation studies and automated experiments, can determine and assess analysis that content marketers might need to conduct.

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